Exports of goods increase by 17% in 2021

According to the latest release from Statistics Mauritius, total exports for the year 2021 increased by 17% to reach Rs. 82 billion, compared to Rs 70 billion in 2020 and Rs 79 billion in 2019. Domestic exports increased by 9% while re-exports increased by 41%. Exports of ship’s stores and bunkers witnessed a growth of 24%, increasing from Rs. 9.8 billion to reach Rs. 12 billion.

Exports of crude materials, inedible, except fuels registered a growth of 66%, followed by beverages and tobacco (+36%), manufactured goods classified chiefly by material (+28%), miscellaneous manufactured articles (+24%) and machinery and transport equipment (+24%). Total exports for 2022 are forecasted at Rs. 90 billion by Statistics Mauritius.

Source: Statistics Mauritius